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St. Thomas Villas reveal the wondrous magic of the island of St. Thomas. St. Thomas villas are directly accessible from many major US airport hubs. The island is quite unique; it features protected national parks stretching along much of the rugged landscape. St. Thomas villas provide a true escape, a relaxing getaway, an almost endless string of picturesque, powder-white beaches to explore.

St. Thomas villas are perfect for travelers who prefer pristine, untouched surroundings. Many of our St. Thomas villas feature panoramic views of the nearby islands, showcaing a stunningly beautiful seascape, sunrises and sunsets! A St. Thomas villa rental will reveal the island's lush green hills, thick jungle patches, colorful coral reefs, white sand beaches and crystal blue waters!

St. Thomas Villas vacations are for the most discerning of guests, exemplified by the prestigious communities of Peterborg Estates; an exclusive enclave featuring some of the most luxurious villa rentals found anywhere in the Caribbean!

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